Easter table in green and yellow

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Easter table decorationThis is an easy decoration idea for your Easter table. I used the colours yellow and green as base colours and daffodils as flower arrangement. I also put 2 candle lights on the table which I covered with yellow crêpe paper. But I used the electrical ones I got as present for Christmas once.

Easter table decoration_daffodilsFirstly, I used two glasses, two small pieces of floral foam, six daffodils and four tulip leaves. I arranged them all together and after filling the glass with water I wrapped around the glass a green crepe tape to hide the inside of the glass.

Easter table decoration_egg_daffodilAfterwards I used an empty egg as a small flower vase and everyone at the table got one. So cute 🙂 .

Easter table decoration_settingAnd that´s all – you see so easy and fast.

I wish you a happy Easter time or a happy holiday time 🙂 .


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