Happiness is a choice

Happiness is a choiceSome people in my life have that permanent nagging mood… they can’t or they don’t want to see the positive things going on in their life, because they see just the negative ones. And they become sad, pessimist or depressive. So, anything but happy. I used to be like those people, too. Of course, when you surround yourself with only those people you will become one of them. But, when I realized what was going wrong, I started to look for better solutions. Therefore, a few years ago, I’ve started to find motivational quotes for every month. And each month I tried to accomplish what my monthly goal was. (If you’r interested in some of them, you can look them up here.)
For this month I choose this one:

Happiness is a choise.
So, choose to let go of things that frustrate you and start to enjoy your life.

I think the last step (with the frustrating things) … that’s what my challenge will be for this month. I have started to stop myself from complainging about irrelevant things (e.g. rain when I want to go out, people who jump the queue, or my clumsiness πŸ˜€ ). So, I’m looking forward to this monthly mind shift challenge.

What about you? What is your challenge for this month?


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