How to use broken jewellery?

how_to_use_broken_jewelleryDo you know this situation when you have just one earring left or you have a nice bracelet but with some missing rhinestones? And you love your pieces therefore, you don´t want to throw them away?
I had the same issues, thus I have kept them for years :D. So the last couple of weeks I have finally made something with my broken jewellery. And here are some of my ideas I put into action:


You could use earrings or a brooch for this idea. You´ll need a glue gun and a ribbon. Just glue the brooch or an earring on a ribbon. Let it cool down until you can use it.

how_to_use_broken_jewellerySame procedure for this idea.

how_to_use_broken_jewelleryFor these ideas you´ll need a gluegun to glue the brooch on the ring. Or you can just wrap around your sparkling bracelet and make sure that the missing part is not on top.

how_to_use_broken_jewelleryThis idea is perfect when you have some sparkling pieces and you want to bring a little “bling” into your home or e.g. at a party. Decorate vases, glasses or hand lanterns.


Or, you can simply reuse your broken jewellery and glue them on a handbag or make a pendant for a necklace. For the idea with the sweater I just stiched the broken necklace to my sweater.


Do you want to see more of my DIYs on how you can pimp and reuse things, go and visit me on pinterest.

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