Living room makeover: DIY pallet coffee table

DIY: pallet coffee tableThis coffee table is made out of wood pallets and it´s really easy to do. You´ll just need 2 pallets which you put one over the other. And on the bottom one you´ll need to screw on some small wheels (you can buy them in a hardware store or like this one on amazon).
This table fits perfectly in the living room which theme is: industrial-rustic-chick (that´s how I call it).
And it also brightens up the room, because the dark leather sofa is…well dark.
Here´s a tip for those who have a dark leather sofa: combine bright wood with your dark sofa. The best would be to use distressed furniture (what´s also trendy these days!). And another tip is, to use colour – for example use colourful pillows or bright coloured decoration objects.

DIY idea for the living room

And this was another DIY idea for the living room. Want to see more? Here´s the next one 🙂 .

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