Living room makeover project started

living room makeoverNow I can announce that I have a new big project upcoming. It´s a makeover of the living room. The next couple of weeks I will post some of my latest DIYs, makeovers and ideas for the living room. It´s not yet finished, therefore still in progress 😉 . I hope you´ll get inspired with some of the ideas I´ve realized.

So, the first thing to change, was the wall. Instead of leaving it completely white, one side had been wallpapered with a baroque looking wallpaper. And this wall which is on the opposite side of a big window came also some old looking frames (bought from flea markets).
living room makeoverOne of the easiest things you can do to change the look of a room is…tho buy a new carpet 😉 . Because the theme of the living room is a industrial-chick-vintage look (that´s how I call it), the carpet should look a bit more vintage. Therefore, this one was perfect.
living room makeover
Here is the next change for the living room.

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