No negative thoughts allowed!

No negative thoughts allowed!No negative thoughts allowed! Be positive and don´t overthing too much what could go wrong. Because, when your mindset is negative all the time, that´s what you will think all the time. And even when something positive happens, you are still thinking that is was not good enough or that is was not right enough.
That´s what I´ve been doing the last couple of years. No wonder that people told me I am a negative thinking person. But, I had that kind of insight you have sometimes…even in the strangest moments… that kind of “woow” insight. And everything becomes clear 😀 . I had that with my negative thinking. And you know what´s also interesting? When you think negative, you surround yourself with negative thinking people, too.
So, stop those negativity. I know that it is not easy. But, you can start with small steps. Everytime I have a negative thought (e.g. I will not manage to do that), I tell myself that it´s not the right time for this kind of thought and stress. What may come, will come. I have to do the best I can do.

So, try this method, too. Good luck for you. And look on the bright side of life 🙂 .


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