Penguin inspired easy DIYs

penguin DIY ideasI don´t know why, but recently I´m a little bit crazy about penguins 😀 .
I mean look at this:

Photo taken by the photographer David C. Schulz.

They are really cute 🙂 . Also, the documentary March of the penguins was wonderful and inspiring. And last but not least, I´ve been inspired to do some funny DIYs with penguins because it snowed…yes, in April! And it was really cold and I´ve watched some of the cute videos from Pingu (I loved watching them, when I was a child).
So, here are some of my ideas (which can also be made together with children).

penguin bottleFor the first idea, I took an empty beer bottle and sprayed it with black spray paint. I cut out the feet and the beak from orange paper. At the top of the bottle I glued two wiggle eyes (look for them in a craft store or on amazon) and put a “scarf” around the “neck” (made out of an old t-shirt).

penguin made out of toilet paper rollFor this idea I used an empty toilet roll. It took me just five minutes to make it. I just cut out from a black paper the head and two wings and glued them on the toilet roll. Afterwards, I cut out the feet and the beak from an orange paper and glued them on the toilet roll. In the end, I glued two wiggle eyes on the head.

penguin drawingsDo some paintings with just some felt pens 🙂 .
penguin greeting cardOr, what about some hand painted cards? 🙂

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