Plant(y) one line drawings for your home

One line drawings_ flower ladys_by @creativetraveller

I have to admit, I might be a bit obsessed with one line drawings currently. But hey, you have to admit that the outcome looks fabulous! 🙂

There is a kind of fascination about creating a beautiful piece of art by using just one marker and a few lines.

And because I am such a nature and flower lover, I couldn’t resist to draw these beautiful ladies with just a few lines.

One line drawings_ flower ladys_by @creativetraveller

You can draw them on a simple white paper or use a white canvas and acrylic paint. The minimalist contrast of black & white makes each piece of art special.

So, why not give it a try? You can start with a simple drawing, like this one here or take one of the ladies above. And then go over to the advanced versions of the ladies below.

One line drawings_ flower ladys_by @creativetraveller

Stay creative,


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