Spring season

spring seasonFor spring season you have to think about the sunny spring day: deep green trees, intensive yellow on daffodils and warm blue of crocuses.

People who belong to the spring season should wear colours with a yellowish undertone and deep, clear, bright colours. Try to avoid faded colours instead try dazzling colours instead. A spring season type has clear skin with a warm undertone and your cheeks could turn into a peachy colour when you blush. The hair can be from light blond to medium brown or strawberry blond – with golden or red undertones. And your eyes could be a clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel or light brown.

The following colour palette contains your spring colours. (But if you don´t like one of them you must not wear or buy it.) Perfect for you are tenuous and small gold jewellery pieces, gold-white and creme-white pearls – but no silver jewellery. Try to avoid bright white and use instead ivory or creme-white. Also black doesn´t really flatter you.


colours1 - KopieSo, what about your kind of interior design?

Here are some suggestions:
green kitchenA green modern kitchen: via
2A romantic living room: via
3A modern country inspired living room: via

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