Citytrip to Freudenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Freudenberg - a medieval village in North Rhine-Westphalia.I’ve been travelling a lot during the last couple of weeks around Germany and I´ve visited some really lovely cities in this country. One of those I would like to present you today. It’s the old medieval village of Freudenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia.

It’s famous for its medieval downtown core (“Alter Flecken”), which had been built wholly of half-timbered houses. It feels like walking around in the 17th century. 😀

Freudenberg - a medieval village in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Freudenberg and it’s castle had their first documentary mention in 1389 and “freedom rights” had been granted nearly 100 years later. Like most of the medieval cities, this one started also als a small market village.
Freudenberg - a medieval village in North Rhine-Westphalia.The buildings you can see nowadays are those built in the 17th century after a fire destroyed the old city and it’s castle.
Freudenberg - a medieval village in North Rhine-Westphalia.Why I like it?
The happy combination of the old buildings and a fresh and green entry – just perfect. The residents of the houses put so much effort in arranging and shaping their surrounding, that I didn´t want to miss one of the dwellings. Really warmly welcome!

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