DIY: Golden sprayed rubbish bin

DIY: Golden rubbish bin

Well, this idea started with a rubbish bin – it’s one for papers. I wanted to change the look of this specific one to bring in a little bit of bling. 😉 So, instead of buying a new one I just sprayed it with gold spray paint.

The best way to do this is, of course, outside. Don’t do it inside! I also like to wear a mask when using spray paint.

What you´ll need for the golden rubbish bin

You’ll also need some old papers or newspapers to put them on the ground. And also to fill the inside of the rubbish bin. I also used a kind of a masking tape to cover up the parts I didn’t want to be sprayed on.

Use the spray paint with a distance about 30 centimeters from your object. I sprayed the bin twice, firstly. Then waited for around five minutes to let it dry and then I removed the masking tape, put it on a different spot and sprayed the upper part three times. The lower part should have a more “undone” look while the upper edge should be more covered in gold.

Golden sprayed rubbish bin

Therefore, depending on your finished look you can spray more layers or less. In the end let it dry for a few hours. I also like to keep the sprayed things outside for one night before bringing them inside. I just don’t want the room to smell like spray paint, that’s the reason.

And that’s it – simple and chic. 🙂

If you can’t get enough of spray paint, here’s another idea for an ombré sprayed bookend.

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