DIY ideas: Greenery for your home

Fern leaves in jars as decoration ideas
During the cold winter season I missed a lot the green leaves. And as soon as the first ones appeared, I went out and collected some to surround myself. 😀
To give you some ideas how you can add some greenery in your home, I’ve put some of them together in this post.


Fern leaves in jars as decoration ideas
For this idea I collected some fern leaves and put them in empty jars. Don’t forget to add some water to prevent the leaves from drying out.

Same for the next idea: I used an empty bottle, painted the bottom part with white acrylic paint, added some water and put in two nice and big leaves.

Hallway with black accessoires and green leaves in a white bottle

Tea-light holders

For the next idea I used drinking glasses and decorated them with some leaves. To fix them on the glass I used double faced adhesive tape 😉 .

Two tea-light holders decorated with leaves


A simple idea to decorate your walls are pictures. 😉 So, for this idea I used green and red leaves and put them behind glass. Voilà.
Grenn and red leaves in picture frames
I’ve created a green garland to hang on my wall with just three things: leaves, a needle and white thread. (Yes, I am a huge fan of garlands 😀 .)

Garland made of green leaves

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