DIY: Paper heart wedding invitations

DIY: Paper heart wedding invitations

Today I’ll show you what DIY idea I came up with: some cute and colourful wedding invitation cards. 🙂
This is something for those of you who like to DIY their own wedding. Or maybe, for those who want to send individually created cards. Of course, you can also use just one colour – according to your wedding theme.

So, what you’ll need:
* crafting paper
* a pair of scissors
*a pencil
* a (white) marker

What you´ll need for the paper hearts wedding invitations

First, take you paper and fold it into half. Then, fold this half again. Draw a heart so that the pointed end lies in the folded corner (like in the picture below).

Step 3_Paper hearts wedding invitations

Now, cut the heart out – but just the top round shape. The pointed end has to stay there. Otherwise you will have four single hearts and you want to create something looking like a eight-leaved shamrock. 🙂 So, when you open your heart it should look like the one in the picture below.

Inside look of the paper hearts wedding invitations

You can use the first heart as your model to draw new hearts on other papers. By doing this you make clear that they all have the same size and shape. 😉

In the end, draw or write on the inside and outside of your colourful invitation cards.

Small paper hearts as wedding invitations

Enjoy recreating and ’till next time,Maggy

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