Easy and artful picture frame makeover

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artful picture frame makeover DIYI have found this old picture frame between my stuff (deep down in the basement) and it looked a bit boring to me. Therefore, I came up with a little makeover idea for it. I wanted to keep it very simple and it should be ready in 5 minutes. I´ve been inspired by the pictures from Jackson Pollock.
I just needed two paint brushes, an old newspaper, white acrylic craft paint (similar on amazon) and my old picture frame.

artful picture frame makeover DIYTo make the blots you have to hold the brush with paint over another brush and tap over it. Therefore, it will look more unintentional and different.
artful picture frame makeover DIYAnd here you have it: a Pollock inspired picture frame 🙂 .
artful picture frame makeover DIY

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