Easy DIY for the living room: a remote holder

ombre remote holderMaybe, you know that problem, too…you put your remote controls somewhere and the next day you can´t find them 😀 . Well, here is an easy DIY idea how you can be organized a little bit more according to that.
I came up with this gold spray painted solution. I used an empty juice box because it was solid enough and cut off the upper part. I washed it out with water and let it dry.
ombre remote holderAfterwards, I put some old newspapers on the ground (yes, do this outside!) and filled the inside of the box with newspapers. I used a black spray paint first. After it dried out I put on a layer of gold spray paint on top of that to get that ombré look. (You can find similar ones on amazon: black, gold.)
ombre remote holder

And that was another DIY idea for the living room makeover. Here´s the next one.

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