Be happy illustration praising the small things in life

Illustration with a happy face tea cupOk, sometimes you don’t have to “force” yourself to think happy. You can be happy just because you had a great day, a lovely meeting, wonderful thoughts or a situation which made your day. And today was such a day for me. It was a great day with sunshine and so relaxing. (Yes, nature is the best place to unwind.) In the evening when I sat in front of my PC, I thought I have to recreate that feeling. Since, I love a warm cup of tea and I had my tea cup right beside my screen, I wanted to create a new illustration. And there you go: my happy tea cup. πŸ™‚
This is a good starter for this monthly motivationl quote, I think. For me, it stands for the small things in life which bring you happiness. Maybe we should start to realize those moments more often.

Saying this, I wish you a wonderful day with your small moments.


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