How to make a dipped flower pot?

DIY: dipped potIt´s the perfect weather for an easy-to-do DIY project, because it´s (still) raining. I wanted change the look of this small flower pot and I was thinking about not painting it all white. A geometric pattern was the right choice.

The supplies I used:
– a terra-cotta pot and saucer
– large rubber band
– small paint brush
– white acrylic craft paint (similar on amazon)

DIY: dipped potStep 1: Stretch the rubber band slanted around the pot. Paint the pot below the rubber band.
DIY: dipped potStep 2: Paint the saucer, too and let them dry for around 1 hour (maybe in the sun it will dry faster).
DIY: dipped potStep 3: Remove the rubber band carefully. (If you like, you could put on a coat of transparent spray paint. I didn´t have one – instead I used hairspray 😀 )
DIY: dipped pot

This was another DIY idea for the living room makeover. Here´s the next one.

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