Let’s create a wavy piece of art

Wavy drawing for your wall

Here’s another DIY idea for a drawing, inspired by the sea (which I miss so much). So, if you are a sealover like me, this could be a perfect solution to bring some good memories into your home. 🙂

All you’ll need is a white piece of paper, a black marker, a pencil and a rubber.

Wave drawing_first step

Start with a rough sketch, by drawing the wave first and then some lines around it. Afterwards, use the black marker to draw the lines around the wave. Try to change the thickness of the lines so that you give the drawing an irregular charakter – like in the picture below. To draw the upper part of the wave you have to make dots to give the wave that foamy look. In the end don’t forget to erase the pencil sketching. 😉

Wave drawing with black marker

And here’s the final drawing:

Wavy drawing for your home_by gardenanddecoration.com

I hope you get inspired by this piece of art and try it out, too. 🙂

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