Living room makeover: sofa table

sofa tableHere is my next easy-to-do idea for the living room makeover project. It´s a small but useful sofa table which is right behind the sofa. It´s just 14cm wide, but just perfect for some books and some decoration items 🙂 .
The place behind the sofa should be useful because the sofa can´t be right next to the wall. Therefore I needed something what could fit in that narrow space: a sofa table. (This is also a perfect idea for those with small spaces.)

I just had to buy a wooden board, L-sections (made out of metal to fix the board with the wall), screws and dowels from the hardware store. And you´ll also need a driller 😉 . It was done in half an hour.

sofa tableDo you want to see more of my living room makeover ideas? Here´s the next one.

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