Monochrome hallway makeover

Monochrome hallway makeoverYes, it´s was time for a new makeover-project. Today it was time  for the hallway. It was a bit cluttered up. Therefore, I got rid of things which were no longer needed. And afterwards I started the makeover.

Monochrome hallway makeover

This is what it looked like afterwards:

Monochrome hallway makeoverFirstly, I chose the colours the room should “wear” from the colour wheel. As dominant colours I chose black and white and to add a bit of brighter colours also light brown and green.

Colour wheel for the hallwayAfterwards, I cleaned up the mess on the rack and put everything for the bike in a bicycle basket. I bought a black box (for 1€) and put a label on it (it´s just for shoe stuff).

Monochrome hallway makeoverI bought a black coloured lantern (from a garden centre for 4€) and hung it above the rack.

Monochrome hallway makeoverI used an empty bottle as a vase for two green leaves. (I had painted the bottle with white acrylic paint before.) I also put a small painted vase in the middle. And I bought a fragrance candle (so that the hallway smells a bit like vanilla) from a drugstore (for 2€).

Monochrome hallway makeover

To organize the umbrellas and the slippers, I tried to find a small and simple solution to store them all together to safe space. Therefore, I bought a small, black wastebin (for 6€).
I also didn´t like the look of the shoe rack. Therefore, I wanted to change it. But of course, with not much effort and money. I had bought some chalkboard wall decal (for 7,50€) which I wanted to use to cover up the doors. Now, it fits more to the rest of the room and I can also write down some motivational quotes 😉 .

Monochrome hallway makeoverThe only thing which took a little more time was to build the sideboard. I wanted something higher to put the electronics in and also something to put on top – so that it can be reched easier. I bought a fruit box (for 3,40€) and a large round wood (to use it for the legs). I chose the diameter of 3 cm. It should be stable enough, but not to chunky to take away too much space. I put the green plant, a funny coloured tissue box and a recycled empty sweets box (here´s the DIY) on top of the sideboard.

Monochrome hallway makeover

And last but not least, of course pictures. They should not be missed in a house – even on the hallway. Or maybe, more than ever on the hallway – because it´s the first thing people see when they come in.
I chose easy designs and played with words.

Monochrome hallway makeoverFor the next idea I just cose a broken picture frame (which I didn´t want to throw away) and just drew a small sign on a white paper and hung it inside the frame.
Monochrome hallway makeover

And that was another DIY room makeover. If you like to see more of these posts, stay tuned – there will come more. And if you like, you can read my other room makeovers I´ve done so far 🙂 .

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