What to make for dinner when traveling?

simple dinner idea when traveling

When traveling I usually like to cook my own meals instead of going out. Of course, if it’s possible, e.g. while camping or staying in a place where you have the cooking facilities. So, just in case you have no idea what you could make for yourself as dinner, here’s a simple and quick recipe idea. The ‘leftover omelete’ is made with leftovers, yes. Super yummy and healthy!
(It could be a lifesaver, when you arrived late on the campground and you’re really hungry.) 😀For this recipe you’ll need:
– some eggs
– salt & pepper
– chives
– (leftover) bell pepper
– frying oil
– a pan
– a bowl

Firstly, scramble the eggs in a bowl and add some peper and salt to the mixture. Afterwards, cut the bell pepper into small dices and add some to the mixture, by stiring up. Now, put some oil in the pan and add the mixture into the pan. Wait until the mixture gets steadier. When one side is fried until its brown turn the omelette over to the unfried side. Your dinner should be ready in about 3-5 minutes (depending how raw or fried you like your omelette.)
In the end add some chives on top of them. Ready to eat. 🙂

simple dinner idea when traveling

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