➳ Cute DYI idea with succulents in an empty jar

DIY idea with succulentThis cute and very easy-to-do DIY idea is just perfect for those who love succulents. (And also perfect as a gift idea 😉 )

All you´ll need:
➳ a small empty jar
➳ succulent plants
➳ acrylic paint (if you want to paint the jar)
➳ a plastic bag
➳ small pebbles
➳ potting soil

DIY idea with succulent_paint firstFirst, I´ve used black acrylic paint to paint the inside of the jar (you can find some on amazon). If you don´t like it painted, just skip this step.

DIY idea with succulent_plant itAfter the inside of the jar is dry you can put a small piece of plastic bag inside it. Fill it up with small pebbles. Put the succulent plant in the middle of the jar and fill it up with potting soil.

And that´s all. You see, so easy 🙂 .

DIY idea with succulent


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