DIY: Handmade poster “Hakuna Matata”

Handmade poster with quote Hakuna Matata

For some time past I had that Disney song from the Lion King in mind – kind of reminds me of my childhood. But then I wanted to know what that quote really means. So, after my research “hakuna matata” is a Swahili phrase from East Africa. It means something like “no trouble/no problems”. The word “hakuna” means “there is not here” and “matata” means “trouble” or “problems”. I found an explanation for this quote why it was used as a song in the movie: you should forget your troubled past and live in the present.

I think this is just perfect for my monthly quote. It’s time to live in your present and don’t repeat your past in your head. It’s bygone!


And therefore, I wanted to visualize that quote to hang on my wall and see it every day. All you need is a white blank paper, a colorful marker and a washi tape. Voilà! 😀

Hakuna matata quote as poster done with a marker


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