Easy DIY: ombré sprayed bookend

sprayed bookcase
I was in need for something to keep my books in place. So, what about creating a bookend, I thought to myself. And because it should be easy and solid, too I chose a rock. Easy to find 😉 .

Step 1: Find a rock. Wash it with water and let it dry. It´s important that there is no dust on it.
Step 2: Cover your workspace with some old newspapers. Use spray paint (I used black as the base and bronze to create the ombré effekt). Start by spraying the bottom first. After 5 minutes you can spray the top part by fading into the black colour.

sprayed bookcase

Step 3: Let it dry for around half an hour until it is ready to be used.

sprayed bookcase

That´s it – a simple and quick solution 🙂 .
And this was another DIY idea for the living room. Click here to see the next one.

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