Florida Room Style Challenge

Florida room style challengeI got an email from the Community Outreach Coordinator at Douglas Elliman (a global real estate firm) in Florida: I got invited to take part in the “Florida Room Style Challenge”. And I said yes. I was so thrilled to take part in this, that I came up with a lot of ideas. And I started to create, draw, paint glue and cut 😀 .

So, the conditions were to come up with a style board for decorating a Florida room. The office in Florida wanted to see how other people around the world can bring a bit of Florida flair into their homes – no matter how the weather will be.

Firstly, I did some mind mapping within two minutes. I wrote down everything what came into my mind when I hear Florida: palms, beach, sand, sandals, icecream, beach bag, rollerskate, sea, beach house, waves, blue, yellow, orange, pink, flamingos, wood, hibiscus, pineapples, Miami, cocktails, swampland, Everglades, alligator, green, Disney World.

florida map
Secondly, I did some research online to look up some facts and I added Cape Canaveral, the sunshine state, manatees and oranges on my list (sorry that I have forgotten those;).
So, my idea was to pick out some of the words and try to decorate my home with a Florida themed style. But very easy, low on budget and minimalistic (I don´t like to clutter up everything).

I did also check out some of the homes from the Florida Real Estate page to see how they look like and maybe get some inspirations therefrom, too. Finally, I looked on pinterest for some other rooms which I think would fit in the Florida themed style. And because my home is a small one and the fact that I am not allowed to paint my walls… I like thinking about how I would really decorate and paint and arrange a home in Florida style.

So, here are some of my finds:

I don´t know why but I like that bold pink combined with blue (via).

florida 1
A perfect fit for the kitchen, these bar stools: The blue is just right and the design is not too much modern (via).

florida 2

I like the colour on the wall and the carpet is really fancy but not too much. And of course some plants which reminds me of sand and palms (via).

florida 4

I like the curtain but the walls should be just white. It should remain simple. But with the curtain there comes a bright “wow” into the bathroom (via).

florida 8

Living room:
I love the pillows – they remind me totally of bananas 😀 . Also the bold coloured table fits perfectly with the palm/tree theme (via).

florida 6

And of course plants shouldn´t be missed, too. Maybe more of those Monstera deliciosa plants (via).

florida 7
But the ultimate Florida room in my opinion is this one (via):

florida 5
I love the pillows! The room is not stuffed with too many things. The white walls let all the other colourful things stand out by their own. There are green plants which gives the setting something vivid and fresh. The yellow harmonises with the rosé coloured cupboard. And the flamingo head on the wall adds something humoristic to the scenery. Great!

Well, as chance would have it I have found something suitable for the beach theme while I was browsing around in a BUTLERS shop. Just perfect 😀 .


With all those inspirations and ideas in mind I have started to create my own Florida themed home. Sorry, I got caught up with that challenge and I couldn´t stop rearranging just one room 🙂 .
In the following posts I will show you some of my ideas. I hope you get inspired as well, to recreate some of them or come up with something new.

Therefore, stay tuned!

See here my makeover of my hallway and here my redecoration of my living room.

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