Fresh summer fruit recipes

Strawberries and cherries in a bowl

Summer has the best to offer when it comes to fruits. 🙂 I love to make tiny snacks to eat during the day – especially sweets. 😉 But, because it’s not healthy to eat too many sweets, I thought about creating tiny fruit bits. Some of them you could even pack into a small container and take it with you (e.g. to work or a hike).

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So, I’ll start with my favourite fruits: strawberries. 🙂 And whatever you want to do, wash them first and cut off the leaves.

Clean and cut strawberries

The first recipe is a cream of wheat filled with  strawberries (an a tiny bit of chocolate). But, instead of cow milk I use oat milk (better to digest).

Cream of wheat with strawberries

For the next recipe you’ll just have to cut the strawberries in half and take a bit out of the middle. Then you can fill it up with some liquid chocolate – or even chocolate mousse. I sprinkled a bit of coconut and walnut chips on top of them. These ones I packed into a small container to take them with me on a train ride. Perfect treats! 🙂

Strawberries filled with chocolate

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Cherries covered with white chocolate
This yummy recipe is also easy to do. Take some fresh cherries, wash them and remove the stems. Then, take some bits of chocolate (I used white chocolate) and melt it in a bowl. How to do that?  Fill in water into a cooking pot and put a glass bowl on top of that. Now, let the water boil and wait until the chocolate melts. Now, you can dip in the cherries and put them on a plate. Let them cool down or better, put them into the fridge for a couple of hours.

Melted white chocolate in a bowl
flower dividerAnd of course, smoothies 🙂

DIY: Strawberry smoothie

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In case you like something special to drink, why not try this one out: a refreshing rhubarb juice. Click here to get to the blog post.

DIY: Rhubarb juice

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So, I hope you got inspired by these easy and (kind of 😀 ) healthy recipes.

’Till next time and stay healthy,Maggy

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