How to stay motivated and change something?

How to stay motivated?I think we all have the same problem…we want to change something or we finally want our New Year resolutions to be fulfilled, but we don´t get motivated.
Ok, so this one is not a 100% sure strategy that you will change and everything will get better. But it is the first step.
So, scientists say that it takes 21 days until you develop a new habit/or until you get rid of one. Therefore, take 21 post it notes and pin them somewhere you see them all the time. Each day you have to push yourself to change whatever you want and rip them off when you´re done.
When you´ve forgotten one day…you have to start again by number 1. That´s how you keep yourself motivated.

Get shit done!That´s how I´ve started to do more exercises every day until I got used to them and didn´t want to miss one of them. And that´s also how I want to change my eating habits.

Just give it a try 🙂 .

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