In love with street gardens

In love with street gardens_by

I am a huge fan of street gardens, urban gardening, and community gardens in the city. And here in Sydney’s suburbs, I have seen some nice and lovely places. Most of them are hidden in alleys or quiet streets – which is awesome. Most of them I have found on my walks while exploring the city and its suburbs.

In most cases street gardens are located on green areas on public land. And they are planted and maintained by community members for harvesting food or just to beautify the place with plants and flowers. Another reason why people want to participate in such a project is that they want to reduce their household waste (composting or growing own food). It is also a lovely way to bring in more greenery into the city and even create a safe place for some animals (e.g. birds and insects).

Can we please have more of them in every city?! 🙂

In love with street gardens_by

What are your thougths? Do you participate in such a project or do you have your own garden?



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