Living room makeover: accessories

living room makeover

Always add some accessories to your home. It´s like going out and not wearing jewellery. There´s always something missing. The same is for your home. It feels empty and not individually. Therefore I´ve chosen some pieces which fit perfectly in the living room. It should still be that kind of industrial-chic-metallic theme.
So, I put a small gold spray painted lantern and a small Eiffel Tower souvenir from Paris on the window board near the flower pots.


It’s always a good idea to mix up self-made with purchased things. And be careful not to overcrowd your place with all your souvenirs. Choose those which fit more in your room.

Here you can see that I kept the gold theme going on (with some souvenirs from Nepal). And I´ve added a cute emoticon pillow (you can find those on amazon) – yes, because it is cute 🙂 .
And to have something really funny around in the living room (which of course matches my personality 😀 ) I´ve created this funny looking headphone holder.

I was looking for a thing to hold the headphones for weeks. But this easy solution come right in that moment I was thinking about what to do with this empty thing. I used to be a flower pot made out of wood. The shape was just perfect for the headphone. And in addition to that is has a hole on the top to put in some things – just perfect for the small earphones and MP3 player.

Some other small items are a horse shoe – which will bring good luck (I hope) and a cute small porcelain owl on top of the books.

And that were my latest ideas for the living room makeover. Here´s the next idea.

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