Living room makeover: pictures and paintings

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living room makover ideas with picturesHere are some of my self-made paintings and drawings for the living room makeover. I used old or broken frames for them or some are also new (but the glass is missing). I wanted to mix them up, so that it doesn´t look all the same.

living room makover ideas with picturesIn some frames I put a print or some written words on white paper.
living room makover ideas with picturesFor these I just used a black marker for the white paper and for the black paper I´ve written on it with white chalk.

living room makover ideas with picturesAgain, just black marker on a simple white paper… framed with a black picture frame.

living room makover ideas with picturesYes, some cute animals must not be forgotten 🙂 .

living room makover ideas with pictures

I finished this picture in just 10 minutes. You´ll just need some leaves from a tree, a white paper and gold spray paint (similar one on amazon).

I put some of the pictures just on a shelf, one on the floor and all the others I hung on the wall.
living room makover ideas with picturesYou see, it´s that simple to change the look of a room by just adding pictures. And the best thing is…you can create them by yourself. Try it!

What modification do I make next time in the living room? Here´s the next one.

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