Revival of the 60s at home

Swinging 60s

It’s retro time – not just in fashion, also in the interiour design. And I thought I could do a blog series about this constantly recurring phenomenon. You will “travel back in time” and see what people used to have and what you can adopt for nowadays.

I will start with the 60s. To understand (not just) this time period, it is important to know something about it. Well, the 1960s was a decade of unprecedented change with upheavals not just in politics, but also in social and cultural live (the moonlanding, the wall in Germany, the Beatles, miniskirts, protests all over the world, Pop Art movement, Woodstock etc.).
That also influenced the world of design.

Design of the 60s

Furniture in the 60svia

Characteristically for the 60s was that furniture was made for the masses. The new synthetics made it possible to produce cheap products. Designers wanted to experiment with bright colours, imaginative forms and new materials.

60s syled living roomSideboard via

The race for the conquest of space had a great impact on designers. They asked themself how people would live in the futere and created futuristic, geometric designs. The designer Verner Panton was inspired by the possibilities of the new material polypropylene and he created the Panton Chair (similar to the left one). The Ball Chair from Eero Aarnio (like the one on the right) was famous, too. And also to mention is the famous Lava Lamp which fits perfectly into the space age look.

Houses were mostly open planned with sliding doors or moveable screens to partition off rooms. Pine wood was used to panel walls or ceilings. Buying multi-purpose furniture was in vogue and, if made out of wood, it was mostly dark coloured wood (e.g. teak). If they wanted to cover their floors, they used shag piled rugs.

60s styled wallpaper

Sofas, beds, carpets, drapes, curtains, chair seats, cushions and wallpaper were often covered in vibrant colors and patterns (or flowers). Popular colours were yellow, pink, orange (such as peach and saffron) and green (such as pea green and drab). The “psychedelic” patterns and colours were influenced by Spain, the Mediterranean and India.

Get the look

Well, if you like to go all into 60s style, just follow the above-mentioned. If you like just some additions you can choose well what fits the best in your home/room. You can change just some of your furniture, or add some colour with wallpaper or paintings. Or, just add on some accessories like lamps, carpets, pillows or curtains.
Here are some examples:

60s styled living room via

60s styled wallpapervia

60s style inspired accessoriesPillow via Dot&Bo; pendant lamp “MASKROS” from Ikea; end table “Moreno Valley” from Langley Street via wayfair.

Mid-Century Bookshelf


60s style inspired pop artvia


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