Summer season

"Dimanche à Nogent" by J.L.Lefort
For summer season you have to think about a summer natural-coloured landscape with a powdery shiny sunlight.
People who belong to the summer season should wear colours with a blueish undertone and powdery, light faded pastel shades. Try to avoid screaming colours, rigorous contrasts and colours with a yellowish undertone.  Black makes you look elder and tired. Perfect for you are silver, platinum and white gold jewellery pieces – no gold jewellery.
A summer season type has a cool undertone skin and the cheeks turn a cool, rosy colour when you blush. You also get very easily a tan. The hair is light blond to medium brown and it has cool, ashy undertones. The eyes could be blue, grey-blue, coal green, grey-brown or slate.

The following colour palette contains your summer colours. (But if you don´t like one of them you must not wear or buy it.)

summer colours

And what about your kind of interior design? Here are some suggestions:
bathroomseen on
nursery roomvia


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