Visiting the palace of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria

Palace of Hohenschwangau in BavariaRecently, I’ve been visiting the castle of Neuschwanstein – the most iconic and famous point of interest in Bavaria.

But, I have to admit that my favourite castle is not the Neuschwanstein, it’s the more unimpressive castle of Hohenschwangau. It’s located in the village of Hohenschwangau on a hill above the lake Alpsee.

The palace of Hohenschwangau was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and his brother Otto. It was redesigned by their father, King Maximilian II of Bavaria, in the 19th century. This castle shows a Gothic Revival style, which used to be very famous during those years.

Palace of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria

In the year 1912 this castle was opened as a museum for the public. And nowadays you can visit it by guided tours, but don´t forget to buy the tickets at the ticket shop. Otherwise you have to walk all the way back. For more info, go to their website.Palace of Hohenschwangau in Bavaria

Why I like it?
Yes, of course the garden which looks amazing in the summer. Especially the contrast of the yellow colour from the castle and the flowers and greenery surrounding it – beautiful. Plus the fountains in the garden which might be a refreshing idea in summer. 😀 Worth a visit.

Palace of Hohenschwangau in BavariaPalace of Neuschwanstein in BavariaHere’s the more favous castle of Neuschwanstein.

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