The 365 days challenge

cluttered up?
Ok, I think we all know this problem: clutter. Everything is full, you don´t have any more room to hide your stuff away and your cellar room is already overstuffed 😀 .

balcony before

And yes, also your balcony 😀 .

balcony after

This is how it should look 😉 .


So, last time I stood between my messiness I was nearly panicking. Of course, because when you think you have to move out someday and you have to carry all your stuff with you 🙁 .

Therefore, I thought enough is enough and I came up with an idea which I called the “365 day challenge” 😀 . Yes it is challenging to get rid of 365 items or things in your home. My idea was do downsize my clutter/my belongings every day.

I have started 3 months ago and today was my last day for this year. Yes, I couldn’t wait to get rid of one item every day. There had been days where I just wanted to bin everything out of my sight – and I did it 😀 .


One of the hardest part was – of course – my wardrobe (we all know that 😉 ). The goal was to get it to a smaller number of clothes.
I took out all of my clothes and thought about everyone of them (no not the socks 😀 ).

I prepared some questions to be asked:
– Does it still fit me?
– Did I wear it once in the last year?
– Do I still want to wear it?
– Is it still my style?
– Is it broken and I can fix it?

If the answer was no – it came to a box (selling, donating or to give away).

tips for closet
I found these tools very handy to help organise my clothes.

My conclusions of this challenge (which was more a relief in the end):

1) Don´t clutter up your life – the best would be to stay minimalist 😀 .
2) Stop buying things just for buying. You have to ask yourself if you really need that – or do you just want it!
3) The less you own… the less you have to carry around.
4) Same procedure next year!

(Update: I have started this challenge on 4th January 2016 again.)

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