Bedroom makeover – Part 2

Bedroom makeoverThe next area in the bedroom is ready: it´s the huge build-in cupboard on one side of the wall. It was time to do a clean up and reorganize everything. Therefore, I have bought some boxes and bins to store some of the stuff away.
Here are some of my changes:

Organizing stuff

I wanted to put some of the jewellery I use more often to be seen right away. Therefore, I took a white flat plate which I have decorated with washi tape (in a diamond shape). Inside this I can put some of the jewellery.

organize jewelleryorganize shoesThis box (there was no one with a blue lid) is just perfect to fit under the bed. It has 6 small wheels on the bottom. Therefore, it´s easy to just roll it out, put in eg. shoes you don´t wear often and then roll it back in it´s place. Really useful thing. (See here similar one)

Using paint

As I wanted to stick to my blue-white theme for the bedroom, I chose to paint this easy fish picture and frame it with an antique looking picture frame.

Painted fish pictureAnd because I was in a painting mood I´ve also painted the blue wastebin with some white stripes 😀 .
Painted wastebin

Add some decoration

I´ve bought a blue jar and used it as a vase and I added a postcard from the Netherlands as a small picture.

add some accessoiresI absolutely loved this idea, of wrapping some Christmas lights around the ladder 🙂 .
ladder with lights
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