Bedroom makeover project started

makeover project of the bedroom Finally, I have managed to start my new project: the Bedroom makeover 😀 . It´s just the first step with decorating this Ikea shelf. The furniture was here before, so, I could´n buy some new ones. The room is also too small to fill it up with furniture. Therefore, I have to work with what I have. The upper part of this shelf was perfect to use it like a big side table.

The colours I wanted to pop out are: green (from plants) and blue. Blue has a very calming effect on me and I thought that´s the right colour for a small bedroom.
my two paintings for the bedroomI made two pictures to put them on top of the shelf. One is just a quote written with a blue marker. The other one is a painting of a hummingbird.
how to paint a hummingbirdFor this easy-to-do idea I took an old small pinboard and painted the frame in dark blue. I used blue acrylic paint (similar one on amazon). Afterwards, I took a white paper and painted with a rough paintbrush over the paper. Then, I cut out the hummingbird with geometrical forms. In the end I glued every piece of the blue hummingbird on a white paper. I put the dried painting inside the blue framed pinboard.

The plant pot is really easy done. You´ll just need blue acrylic paint, a paint brush and stripes of masking tape.
For the small jar, used as a vase, you´ll just need: a jar, Mod Podge (or just a regular glue), a paint brush and blue coloured crêpe paper.
coloured empty jar as vaseIn the end, I´ve just added some greenery to all of that and the books I have to finish to read. (And yes, also some flowers 🙂 )
remodelling of the bedroom
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