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Recently, I tried out some new design ideas. One was, to create wallpapers for mobiles. But I couldn’t stop there. 😀
So, I came up with a series of colourful designs for tablet, mobile and desktop.

One in blue and orange and the other one in purple and pink. If you like one of them, feel free to download a version you like. And please leave me a comment below, which one you prefer. 🙂



desktop, tablet, mobile

Desktopbackground_purple_(c) Maggy_by    Tabletbackground_purple_(c) Maggy_from gardenanddecoration    Mobilebackground_purple_(c) Maggy_from


desktop, tablet, mobile

Desktopbackground_blue-orange_(c) Maggy_by    Tabletbackground_blue-orange_(c) Maggy_from gardenanddecoration    Mobilebackground_blue-orange_(c) Maggy_from


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