DIY: Colourful paper heart garland

DIY_Heart garland_by

Yes, it’s paper craft day. 😀 And because I am a fan of garlands, I came up with this colourful paper heart garland. It’s really easy to do and also a perfect decoration idea for a party or a themed wedding.

All you’ll need:
~ different coloured craft paper
~ a pair of scissors
~ a ruler
~ a cutter knife
~ a stapler

DIY_What you´ll need for the colourful heart garland

Firstly, cut stripes out of paper and staple the ends together.

DIY_Heart garland_step1_by

Then, staple the ends of the first made heart together with new stripes of paper. Repeat like in the picture below.

DIY_Heart garland_step2_by
And that’s it. You’ve finished your love(ly) paper hearts. 🙂

DIY_Colourful heart garland_by

Enjoy your weekend and keep crafting,

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