DIY: How to pretty up coasters

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Do you know the “accidents” you have when you put a wet mug on a wooden furniture … yes, it leaves those unpleasant marks on it. So, luckily it was not too late with my mug and I could remove the stain. But, I couldn’t rest without doing something to avoid it the next time. 😀

And because DIYing is the best thing to do in times you can’t do a lot, I came up with this easy idea you can try out, as well.

DIY_Pretty up coasters_by

You’ll need old or new (cork) coasters. Best would be, if you have already some old ones to reuse. Also, wrapping paper or – like I did – leftovers of adhesive foil (from previous projects). If you use the adhesive foil you don’t need a glue, otherwise glue the wrapping paper on the coaster. And lastly, a pair of scissors.

DIY: Coaster upcycled

After this put some heavy books on top of the coaster to press the paper/foil on to the coaster. Leave it there for ~ 15 minutes. And cut around the coaster edges.

And voilà, there you have your brand new (looking) coasters. In case you use a chalkboard foil, by the way, you can write messages or draw on them. What a lovely idea for greeting guests. 🙂

DIY_Pretty up coasters_by

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