DIY: How to pretty up coasters

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Do you know the “accidents” you have when you put a wet mug on a wooden furniture … yes, it leaves those unpleasant marks on it. So, luckily it was not too late with my mug and I could remove the stain. But, I couldn’t rest without doing something to avoid it the next time. 😀

And because DIYing is the best thing to do in times you can’t do a lot, I came up with this easy idea you can try out, as well.

You’ll need old or new (cork) coasters. Best would be, if you have already some old ones to reuse them before you throw them away. 😉
Then, wrapping paper or – like I did – leftovers of adhesive foil (from previous projects). If you use the adhesive foil you don’t need a glue, otherwise glue the wrapping paper on the coaster.

DIY_Pretty up coasters_by

After this put some heavy books on top of the coaster to press the paper/foil on to the coaster. Leave it there for ~ 15 minutes.

And voilà, there you have your brand new (looking) coasters. In case you use a chalkboard foil, by the way, you can write messages or draw on them. What a lovely idea for greeting guests. 🙂

DIY_Pretty up coasters_by

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