How to grow your own vegetables & herbs?

DIY garden project: vegetables and herbsHave you ever thought about having your own little garden, with some herbs, vegetables or even fruits? It´s not always easy, of course, when you don´t have a garden outside. But what if you can have even a small one on your balcony or in your home? Yes, it´s possible. You just have to be patient, water a lot and take care of them. 😉

Well, that´s easy said. I want to try to grow my own herbs and vegetables on the balcony. Therefore, I have bought some seeds, eg. for cucumber, dill, lettuce, carrots … It all startet two months ago. I wanted to use a plant propagator (similar one on amazon) for the start. I was not sure how the weather will be the following weeks and it appeared safer to let them grow inside firstly.

You have to start by putting some potting soil inside the plant propagator (don´t fill it up too high). Add the seeds by making holes into the surface (I made them with the end of a pencil). Afterwards, cover the seeds with a sprinkling of potting soil. (Don´t forget to add some labels what you´ve planted 😉 )
The box was standing the whole time on the window board in the kitchen, because it´s warmer there while the sun is shining nearly half of the day. The lid is necessary especially in the first weeks, because the seeds have to sprout. Afterwards, you can let the lid on the box, but make sure that you can regulate the air circulation.

How to grow your own vegetables and herbsThe salad seed were the first ones to sprout, but the cucumber seeds are growing the fastest, up to now.

How to grow your own vegetables and herbs
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