Happiness is 90% state of mind

Happiness is 90% state of mind

Simply said: Your happiness ist 90% state of mind and 10% the reason(s). Our head is full of worries all the time and we overthink everything again and again. And in the end it does not even happen what we imagined.

When you put your focus on the negative things, negative things will happen. I struggled for a long time with this and was wondering why so many negative things happen to me … until I realised it. Oh, it’s my mind which is programmed to think that way. And when I did a mindshift and focused more on the good things happening to me and tell myself that I don’t have time to think about the negative aspect, that’s where I actually saw a change in my thoughts.

I still have negative thoughts, for sure, and you might never get rid of them (because as humans we are programmed that way since the cave ages). But, it’s completely in your power how much you allow them to rule your thoughts, mind and life. 🙂

Take care and look at the bright side of life – more often,



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