How to grow your own tomatoes?

How to grow your own tomatoes?Ok, I have to admit, it´s the first time that I want to grow tomatoes by myself. And I mean that I´m responsible for what I´m doing. It´s not that you just have to water the plants because your grandparents told you so.
I still want to grow my own vegetables on the balcony. And therefore, I also wanted a tomato plant.

But I know that it´s not easy to maintain them. And beside the fact that they need a lot of sun (and also water, because they are staying in the sun) there was one more thing I can remember my grandmother told me.
That was the thing with pruning a tomato plant.
After the tomato plant has grown bigger and it starts to have those tiny yellow flowers, you have to remove “suckers” while they’re young.
remove suckers from the tomato plantThe reason is simple: With fewer leaves the energy is directed toward those areas where a fruit is created. Therefore, the plant has more power to let ripe a bigger tomato fruit.
green tomato fruit

One more important thing is, that you have to make a vertical support for the plant. You can build a trellis or just take a long stick from a tree, like I did, and tie it together with the plant (e.g. with a string).

Also very important: Don´t water plants (and also flowers) when it´s hot outside. Wait until it cools down outside – around sunset. Your plants will be thankful.


Four weeks later…I think I might harvest my first own grown tomatoes 🙂 . It was a successful experiment.
First red tomato

And, just in case you don´t know what to do with your own grown tomatoes (or also bought 😉 ones) have a look on this healthy recipe, or on this natural exfoliant for your face skin.

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