“Let go” illustration

Elephant illustration with balloon and the quote Let go

It was again one of those sleepless nights πŸ˜€ … when I sat in front of my PC and created my latest illustration. It is inspired by a balloon and the phase I’m currently trying to handle. I had the idea of a picture with a balloon, but just a balloon…nΓ€h. So, Eli, the elephant stands for me… trying to hold on something what needs to go.

A little story:
Imagine you as a child… in one hand a balloon (it’s a really cool one) and in the other one an ice cream cone filled with your favourite ice cream. And then you suddenly meet the neighbour’s dog. A really cute one you absolutely adore! Now, you have to decide which hand you want to free for petting the dog…

You see, to achieve something you want most, you have to let go off what holds you back. So, as my quote of this month, I will try to follow this mindset.
(P.s.: for me…it was the balloon)


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