Pretty DIY: handpainted pottery bowl

handpainted bowlLast week I´ve tried out something new. I´ve found a shop where you can paint pottery things. I was really curious how it works and therefore I made an appointment (for 3 hours).
First thing you have to do before you start your artwork: Wash your hands – because skin fat and colour will affect the durability of the colour when fired.
shopAfterwards, you can choose from a variety of bowls, cups, figures and plates. Then, one of the shop assistant will give you an introduction on painting and the different kinds of techniques you can use.

Then, you have to gather all things you´ll need for your master piece.

Here´s what I chose:
materialsYou have to start with the primer paint: Put 3 layers of this paint on your piece. But wait until the first one dries before putting on the next layer. It´s important to coat every corner and side of your chosen piece.
preparing the workstationThe next step for my bowl was to use three different kind of stamps (in shape of flowers) and red colour.
first stepsAfterwards, I used a small sponge and a green colour to decorate the edge of the bowl by dabbing.
next stepAnd this is the finished inside of my bowl:
look inside the bowlAfter I waited around 5 minutes until the colours would dry I started painting the outside of the bowl. I chose to paint some poppies on it 🙂 .
the outside of the bowlAfter waiting for some more minutes – until the outside paintings would dry – I gave my bowl to the shop assistant, paid for it (16,95€) and went home. You have to wait one week until you can pick it up in the shop. They have to glaze it before burning in the kiln. And that needs time.

Therefore, I picked it up today and this is the finished look of my handpainted bowl:

finished look

Now I can have my breakfast cereals in a mood lifting bowl 😀 .

For more information on painting pottery visit the shop´s website.

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