Refurbished room with new work space

Refurbished room with new work space

Finally, I managed to sell my old and chunky bookcase. And that means I have more space, more light and more possibilities to beautify the room. 🙂
I have already a solid wooden desk which I put in the corner and in front of the window (and near the heating – for warm feet during cold season 😉 ). Of course it looks pretty, so empty and not stuffed with working materials. But, this will change as soon as I start new projects. 😀

I also put a huge mirror near the desk – this reflects the light and it makes the room appear larger. You won´t believe it, but I payed nothing for it. Just a smile and a thank you. I found it between bulky waste of furnite near my place and I asked the lady who put them out, if I could take the mirror. She said yes – and now it’s sitting here in my room. I just had to repaint some tiny parts where the colour had already spalled. It was done in five minutes. No big deal.

Lastly, I bought a huge red gladiola and put it into a glass bottle. It fits perfectly there and lifts my mood. 🙂

So, what was your latest room makeover? Tell me about your projects. And in case you have not yet figured something out, I hope this post inspires you. 😉

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