Tiny house as wedding gift idea

Tiny house illustration


Well, being invited to a wedding means a lot of stress. Not just because you don’t know what to wear 😉 , but also because you don’t know what to bring with you as a gift. So, the best idea is, of course, money. Although, it is a very good idea (because it’s up to the newlyweds what they want to do with that money), you can’t just hand them over an envelope filled with some bank notes.
So, because the couple’s wedding I’ve been invited to plans to build a house… why not a symbolic gift with a tiny (and cute) house. Therefore, I’ve drawn a cute looking house on a thick white paper and cut it out as finishing step.

The house had been arranged on top of a jar (filled with earth and moss). And around the house were a lot of eatable sweet-mouses. (You have to know that in German “Maus”`= mouse can also mean money 😉 ) That idea came from a friend who was also invited. The bank notes were rolled up and I tried to hide them under and around the moss.

All the best for you two 🙂


Tiny house illustration in a jar with sweets


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