Travel packing hacks you should know

travel packing hacksTraveling, for some it means adventure and new impressions and for others it is just stressful. 😀 I used to be one of the stressed out, especially when it comes to packing your luggage. But with time it kind of became a routine for me and I developed and tried out new hacks which helped me a lot.

So, in this post I would like to tell you some of my tips and tricks how I stay organized and use every space possible in my luggage.

When I travel for more than one week, I use my huge travel bag on wheels, because it’s easier to store e.g. under a bed or inside a wardrobe. I find it more convenient than handling with a bulky suitcase.One of the most important rules is: pack your bag at least two days before leaving! It helps you a lot! Especially, when I stay longer than one month in a place or country, I pack one week in advance.

If you want to be a really organized person, you can write a list with all the things you’ve already put in your bag. Thus, you can’t forget what you’ve already packed and what else you might need.
People tend to pack more than what they really need. So, ask yourself if you really need another T-shirt when you have already four? 😀
shoes and socks combinedStart with your shoes: stuff rolled up socks inside to hold them in shape and use every square inch of space. Then, pack them heel to toe in your suitcase.
What I also like to do is to use a bathing cap and put the shoes inside. It protects the shoes and prevents the shoes of getting in contact with packedNow, that the shoes are firmly in place, fill the gaps with soft items so that you can create an even layer. Best would be to roll up your clothes. I put the underwear in bags and try to find a place between the other stuff.
In the middle of your bag you should place such items like a hair straightener or a hair dryer (or a power adapter). I also like to store them in a bag or wrap them round with small towels or clothes.
Section smaller items with (plastic) bags or boxes, is a good way to keep your stuff organized.
According to cosmetics, I worked out clever ways to transport and store them.

small sized bottles with labelI like to decant small bottles with shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. It´s super easy to handle, lighter than the bulky bottles and you can even put them in your carry on luggage. But, don´t forget to put them in a zipper bag. It prevents that no content from the bottles rinse all over your clothing, if the bottles might be damaged. The best way to save up space in your bag would be to buy your daily items (like shoap, shampoo,…) in a store in your destination country. Honestly, you don´t need to take your bulky bottles with you.In the end, place your nicely ironed tops, blouses and shirts on top as a final layer. And instead of rolling belts up, you can save some space by placing them along the side edge of your case.

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