Botanical Garden Munich, Germany

botanical garden munichThe Botanical Garden Munich-Nymphenburg is a botanical garden and arboretum in Munich, Bavaria (Germany).

The new botanical garden was created in 1914 in the Munich outskirts at Nymphenburg to designs by the garden architect Holfeld. The buildings are designed in a Munich art nouveau style.

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The garden cultivates about 14,000 species on about 21 hectares. It is open to the public but is also used to train students of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. It also preserves rare plants and European bee species.

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The main areas include an alpine garden, arboretum, collection of steppe and moor plants, rose garden, rhododendrons, and systematic garden. In the build years the workers had to bring more than 120,000 earth to the construction site.

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It also contains a greenhouse complex (4,500 m² total area in 11 greenhouses) which was finished 1913.  There are rooms for bromeliads and Arecaceae, succulents and cactus, ferns, orchids, cycads and Mexican plants.

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The garden is open daily, except on 24 and 31 December and an admission fee is charged.
For further information visit:

botanical garden Munich3Water lilies in the Victoriahouse.

Why I like it?
For such a low admission charge you can see everything on the whole area. Make sure you arrive there early so that you can see everything. For those who love flowers it´s totally on a to-see-list. There are also hidden places where you can sit down and rest (and eat some sandwiches 😀 ). The garden is really pretty in summer or late spring time.
And you can also find some animals there – if you are observant.

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