Colourful and southern islands inspired balcony makeover

balcony makeoverYes, I have a new makeover project (yes, you are right… the whole flat is in a remodeling process 😀 ). So, this time I have finally managed to clean up the balcony. And also to take time to do a makeover on this part of the home.

balcony makeoverI want this balcony to be colourful and with a lot of greens. Therefore, I´ve bought some colourful pots and planted some plants and flowers in them. I also want to grow my own vegetables on this balcony – it is really an experiment. But see how big my tomato plant already is 🙂 .
plants, herbs and flowersThe cute little porcelain pineapple on the table is actually a candleholder (it´s hidden inside). I bought it for 1,90€ in a dime store. It fits perfectly in company with the yellow pot and also with the theme of this project (“a-bit-of sunshine-and-southern-island-touch” 😀 ).
balcony makeoverI made a cute accessory for the chairs and added a flower to the candle holder (where I store my tiny gadgets for gardening). What´s also necessary: some dishes with tropical themes (I bought the glass and the bowl for just 2€ in a dime store).
balcony makeover with a paintingAnd, I also added a handpainted picture of some watermelons 😀 . For this art work I just used a black marker and a pink highlighter.

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