Creative Ikea shelf makeover with comics

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When I had found some of my old comics I didn´t want to throw them away. And because I was thinking about a new idea for the bedroom makeover. I saw daylight :D. Why now recycle those comics by sticking them on the dark and boring looking Ikea shelf? (It´s from the Ikea KALLAX system with drawers and doors.)

So, what you´ll need is a ruler, a pencil, a pair of scissors, comics (or wrapping paper like I used, too) and Sellotape.

Firstly, you have to measure up the length and width of the doors or drawers. With the ruler you can draw a straight line on the paper. But add 1-2 cm before you cut it out. If there are any knobs you pull to open doors take those out first, before you put the paper on.

Take some Sellotape stripes and stick the cut out paper to the inside of the door/drawer. Do this until every side of the cut out paper will stick to the door/drawer.

In the end you can put the knob back (or if you like to change the style completely you can change them, too).

Nearly finished look:

What a great idea for recycling your old comics – it´s of course, perfect for all those who love comics 🙂 .

What´s the next idea? Stay tuned…

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